WP Water Based Mud Drilling Cuttings Unit / WBM Unit

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The Water Based Mud Drilling Cuttings Unit (WBM Unit) is used for removing the cuttings from the drilling mud and drilling fluid recovery. Professional Equipment are adopted in the unit for mud collecting, mud transfer, chemical dosing, solid waste shape up, gel breaking, chemical destabilization and solids-liquids separation. The unit mainly consists of drilling cuttings handling system and liquid mud handling system. After the unit, the solids wastes are shaped up into bricks which can be used for road spread, or operation plant building. The liquid mud is collected for further waste water treatment or recycle use for new drill.

Water based mud drilling cuttings unit onsite picture show

Out-standing of WBM Unit

WP drilling waste owns the Water Based Mud System with mature technology and practical out-standings.
WBM Unit has a full stirring system which can efficiently mix the drilling cuttings and curing agent. The mixed solids enter the shape-up machine and be processed into bricks with good shape and high rigidity. Variable frequency centrifuge ensure a good solids-liquid separation. It can decrease the mud weight effectively. The solids come out from the centrifuge is with lower water content.
Gel breaking and flocculation process are used into the unit to make sure the whole process goes smoothly.
Full automatic control process, effectively save the labor cost.

Water Based Mud Unit is economic and useful unit for water based mud treatment. The unit is skid mounted, easy transportation for site-to-site operation. Different capacity configuration enable the unit serve both for during drilling treatment and treatment plant operation.
As the space is limited onsite, the shaped-up solids waste could be easy storage and further use.
re-utilization of wastes by water based mud system

water based mud drilling cuttings unit application-onsite-picture