WPE Thermo Chemical Cleaner

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Oil sludge is mainly produced in the oil fields and refineries,causing environment pollution,and wasting some oil resources. Through years study and testing WPE comes up with a thermo chemical cleaner method to treat oil shale sludge. WPE Thermo Chemical Cleaner (TCW Unit) is developed for refineries sludge, bottom tank sludge treatment.

Chemical washing process pic show in Thermo Chemical Washing Unit


Part 1: Pre-Treatment System

This system aims to remove those additional waste especially the plastic, woods and other big solids. After the pre-treatment, sludge turns to be slurry mainly contains “oil”, “water”, and “mud”. This will enable the raw material meet the feeding request of next stage equipment.

Part 2: Thermo Chemical Washing System

This part applies “Cavitation”,“ Air Floatation”,“Classification”,“ Centrifugal Separation” and “ Chemical Agents” to operate a further treatment on the slurry.

The slurry is purified by the Chemicals while the Centrifuge separates solids, water, and oil. After the stage, the solids oil content shall be no more than 2%.

Part 3: Application & Advantages

1. Refineries Slugdge Treatment
2. Tank Bottom Sludge Treatment
3. Slurry Pit Treatment

1. High Efficiency:High Speed Cavitation
2. Cost-Efective: Operation Water Recycle Use
3. Less Land Occupation: Compact Structure Design
4. Labour Saving: Full Automatical Control

pretreatment pic show for Thermo Chemical Washing Unit