Super-Steam Purification System (SSP Unit)

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WPE Super-Steam Purification System (SSP Unit) is a harmless treatment system for refineries slurry / sludge, tank bottom sludge and sludge pit. The system is mainly consist of Boiler, Super-Steam reactor, High temperature processing, Duplex cyclone Separator, Heat ex-changer, etc.

Super-Steam Purification Unit onsite pic show

WPE Super-Steam Purification Unit


Steam produced by the boiler enter the super-steam reactor, the temperature rise to 550 degrees Celsius.Then the steam enters the high temperature processing groove and cracks the sludge.Solids and Liquids are separated in the high temperature processing groove by the duplex cyclone. Thereafter, the separated solids shall be ultimately dried and be transferred to particular location for temporary storage. At the same time, the liquids are sent to the condenser for cooling spray and recycle purpose.

Treatment Effect:

1). Recycled oil contains water ≤ 0.5%
2). Solids contains oil ≤ 0.3%
3). Solids contains water ≤ 10%

WP Super-Steam Purification Unit Process Flow
Super-Steam Purification Unit Before & After