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The oil and gas industry can generate a significant volume of oily sludge whichusually exists as a complex mixture of various petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs), water, salts, and solid particles.

Besides, oily sludge is generated in many other areas such as kitchen residual, palm oil production, waste water treatment, etc.

All thes above oil sludge can be processed by WPE sludge oil recovery unit.

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WP Sludge Oil Recovery Unit Onsite Picture

One Unit for More Kinds of Waste

It has been recognized as a hazardous waste in many countries because it contains a high concentration of toxic components, and thus requires proper management. Oil recovery represents a desirable management option because it cannot only recycle valuable energy, but also minimize the concentration and disposal volume of hazardous waste.

WPE sludge oil recovery unit is such turnkey plant to recycle these oils and meanwhile to minimize the total volume of the waste.

The Sludge Oil Recovery Unit consists of three parts including Pre-treatment, Oil Separation and Oil Purification.

Data Specification

1.Power System: 380V/50Hz or 460V/40Hz
2.Capacity: Max 40T/h
3.Occupation:10000 x 120000mm
4.Total Power:95kW
5.Liquid mud recycle: 10%-20%
6.Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~+50℃
7.Relative air humidity: ≤95%
8.Explosion-proof class: Ex d II BT4 GT
9.Corrosive conditions: Free of corrosive gas or vapor damaging the metal and insulation
10.Electrical protection grade: IP55
11.Oil Quality:BS&W ≤ 5%
12.Water Quality: OiW≤ 0.2% (water outtake from the tricanter water outlet)
13.Solids Quality: TPH ≤ 10%

SOR Sludge Oil Recovery Unit Process Flow
WP Sludge Oil Recovery Unit


1.Flexible Composition: Based on project necessary and cost effective priority, Equipment list can be changed.
2.Containerizable Structure: key equipment mounted into 20Ft containers which is well protected and easy for transportation.
3.Strong Adaptability: Suitable for handling different kinds of wastes.
4.Less Land Occupation: skid and container mounted.
5.Safe Operation: All equipment ex-proof and well protected.
6.Environmental Protection: Low noise, no pollution.
7.Full Automatic Control: PLC program applied.


Check the Onsite Cases Show for more details and information about WPE Sludge Oil Recovery Unit (SOR).

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