WPE Oil Based Mud Drilling Cuttings Management System / OBM

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The WPE OBM UNIT is specially designed for OIL RECYCLE & WAST MINIMIZATION. Successful drilling performance always come along with drilling cuttings from under ground.

Those drilling cuttings mix with the drilling mud which are containing regularly 30%-40% crude oil. In this case, to recycle the oil is necessary for cost-effective operation. According to International Environmental Law,the oil based mud belongs to hazardous waste which can not be disposal without proper treatment.While the handling fee of the solids control is expensive and what we tried to do with the OBM UNIT is to dry and minimize the solids waste volume.

In this case, the solids waste can be easily stored and transferred. The late treatment charge on the solids be effectively decreased.

OBM-Oil Based Mud Unit Pic_WP DrillingWastes

Specification for WPE Oil Based Mud System / OBM Unit

1.Power System: 380V/50Hz or 460V/40Hz
2.Capacity: Max 40T/h
3.Occupation:10000 x 120000mm
4.Total Power:95kW
5.Liquid mud recycle: 10%-20%
6.Ambient temperature: -20℃~+50℃
7.Relative air humidity: ≤95%
8.Explosion-proof class: Ex dⅡ BT4 GT
9.Corrosive conditions: Free of corrosive gas or vapor damaging the metal and insulation
10.Electrical protection grade: IP55

Equipment List for WPE Oil Based Mud System / OBM Unit

1.Shakers (If not share with the mud system shaker)
2.Cutting Dryer
3.Decanter Centrifuge
4.Screw Conveyor
5.Screw Pump
6.Centrifugal Pump
8.Collection Tank
9.Local Control System

oil based mud system's working results
OBM unit working flow
wp oil based mud system working flow