Project Description

River Cleanout Decanter Centrifuge

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Scope of application: SOR is mainly used for oil recovery from refinery sludge, aging oil sludge, slope oil sludge etc. It aims to recycle the crude oil and meanwhile minimize the volume of waste to be handled. It’s an efficient way to save energy consumption & economy cost.

Composition of the Unit: The SOR unit consists of tricanter centrifuge, decanter centrifuge (optional: Disc Separator) Heating mixing tank, oil tank, water tank, pumps, pipelines, local control, lighting, accessary, etc.


  • Tricanter Inlet solids≤10%;
  • Tricanter solids outlet TPH≤15%;
  • Tricanter water outlet BSW≤5%;
  • Disc Separator WiO ≤0.2%;
  • Capacity per hour: 7-10m3


SOR Process flow