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WPE DISC Centrifuge

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DISC Separator Function

In many areas, separation is an important part of the process,the disc separator is a wise choice to meet your personalized separation process, and to maximize the processing efficiency.

Disc separator is used for two-phase separation and three-phase separation, two-phase separation from the liquid separation of solid suspensions or two different proportions of immiscible liquid separation; three-phase separation of the two-phase immiscible liquid and a single phase solid.

Working Principle of DISC Separator

Separating different liquid phases and solids from each other plays a key role in countless industrial processes. A disc stack separator separates solids and one or two liquid phases from each other in one single continuous process, using extremely high centrifugal forces. When the denser solids are subjected to such forces, they are forced outwards against the rotating bowl wall, while the less dense liquid phases form concentric inner layers. The area where these two different liquid phases meet is called the interface position. This can be easily varied in order to ensure that the separation takes place with maximum efficiency. Inserting special plates (the “disc stack”) provides additional surface settling area, which contributes to speeding up the separation process dramatically. It is the particular configuration, shape and design of these plates that make it possible for a disc stack separator to undertake the continuous separation of a wide range of different solids from either one or two liquids. The concentrated solids phase formed by the particles can be removed continuously, intermittently or manually, depending on separator type and the amount of solids involved in the specific application.

Application of DISC Separator

  • Kitchen residual separation and cooking oil recycling.
  • Dairy products, fruit juice, vegetable juice production.
  • Crude oil, vegetable oil recovery, biodiesel production.
  • Chinese herbal medicine and natural plant extracts separation, concentration, clarification.