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Decanter Centrifuge used in Chemical Production

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Decanter Centrifuge Applies in Chemical Plant

In the chemical production, the application of the centrifuge is particularly extensive. In the selection, the appropriate centrifuge should be selected according to different material characteristics and project requirements. For example, the solid-liquid separation of cooling water can be selected from a conventional decanter centrifuge; the solid-liquid separation of the neutralized slurry should be selected according to the specific solid phase content, particle size, and solid-liquid phase recovery requirements. For the salt that needs to be washed, such as sodium chloride, choose a screw pusher centrifuge that does not break the solid phase particles. If it can meet the requirements of the project, you can use a higher-automatic horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge. The choice of high speed, disc separation factor, tube centrifuge, etc., the effect may be counterproductive. In short, in the case where the solid phase requires washing, the washing effect of the solid phase of the centrifuge should be considered first. Magnesium mud treatment in the chlor-alkali industry, potassium chloride, mixed salt; PVC industry polyethylene, polypropylene, poly-wax resin, polyphenylene ether (PPO) and other treatments can be used horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge.